Practising Mindfulness in Everyday Life

mindful living“We can cultivate our well-being by concretely applying mindfulness to our daily living” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Do you apply yourself to informal mindfulness, or like me, has your focus been on sitting practice?

When I look back over 30 plus years of meditation, I wonder why it’s not produced better results. In all fairness, the first thirty years I only practised off and on. The last three years, my daily commitment has been very strong.  For all that, I think I’ve bombed out a little on taking meditation and mindfulness into daily life, into the very place it needs to be.  So, next step for me is setting up reminders, or prompts. Wonder how I’ll go …

What about you, do you practise mindfulness in everyday life? Want to share what you do, the successes and the challenges?

11 thoughts on “Practising Mindfulness in Everyday Life

  1. Hi Majella, a great post. I recognise this and a great reminder that the real practice is in our everyday life. I see the daily sitting practice like the bread and butter, the foundation that allows me in my everyday life to recognise when I need to pause, to feel the breath, to notice, to listen, to get in touch with nature. Drinking a nice cup of coffee is my all time favorite mindful task, I do nothing else but focus on that coffee, haha it tastes sooo good! Thanks Majella, be great to hear how this goes!


    1. Thankyou for stopping by Roger. I have had the occasional mindful meal, but not so good with the tea or coffee one. I think the stopping to check in on the breath every hour or so will be a good one for me … I sort of have a feel for the ones I might enjoy so that helps!


  2. I practice yoga everyday and at the end I always have some mindful reflection time but I find that I can now being mindfulness into my life in all manner of situations. I particularly enjoy taking notice of nature, even if that is just by sitting on my doorstep and observing my garden for a while. It is so therapeutic.

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