Happiness Found in Everyday Life

“The changes that mindfulness brings to your life aren’t instant. Be patient. They come gradually, slowly, almost invisibly. “– Tamsin BishtonI hate housework! It’s a gene inherited from my mother. Such a surprise then, when over the course of a month or so, I’ve experienced moments of pure happiness while washing the dishes. Not only moments of happiness, but a vivid awareness of colour, reflections and texture, not experienced before. So where have these moments of happiness come from?

I’ve posted before about my thirty year flirtation with meditation which became daily practice in early 2014. In the three years since, I have experienced benefits while at other times I’ve asked myself, has life really changed or am I just imagining it? Well, I think that question’s been answered. As Tamsin Bishton said, the changes “come gradually, slowly and almost invisibly”, and I think I agree with that.